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    Jeff Michael: Repair Your Credit and Knock Out Your Debt
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    Edie Milligan: Tips from the Top: Targeted Advice from America's Top Money Minds
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While I agree with your assessment of the in regards to how the forum ultimately degenerates into a flame war (the mod should really edit for that), I do however believe that you give BBB too much credit. Aren't they simply a tool of the businesses, which they claim to objectively monitor?

Anyhow, interesting blog you got going. Are you going to do more to expose CRCS for the private interest whore that it is? I mean, c'mon, CRCS is basically the alter ego of Ballenger. Under the guise of being a "consumer advocate", CRCS is deceptive and misleading, not to mention perhaps violative of 501c3.

Quantum Physics

Great comments, FP. Am I giving the BBB too much credit? Maybe. My personal experience with them, both as a consumer and from my days as a credit counselor, have been excellent. But Ameridebt did manage to maintain a positive BBB rating, which suggests your point is valid. Of course, as I pointed out, the NCC couldn't buy their way to a clean BBB record, no matter how hard they tried, so obviously the BBB was not in anyone's pocket in that case.

In my book, I have this to say about the BBB:
"Negative information with the BBB is an immediate no, but a clean record should not mean yes. The BBB can be settled with, and some pretty dubious agencies find that it's easier to just pay off BBB complaints than to stop their questionable practices. So please, don't take a clean BBB record as a plus; just take it as a minimum."

Of course, as I said, the BBB doesn't remove the complaint unless the original consumer who filed it requests that the complaint be retracted. At least that's my understanding. The BBB is less a tool of the business and more a tool of the consumer; but consumers can easily be paid off by businesses and thereby induced to retract their complaints.

As for the CRCS, I was waiting to see if they would make headlines again, but I should probably go ahead and tee off on them some more. They're every bit as rotten as you suggest; on that we completely agree.

While it's widely known that the CRCS agenda is tainted, I saw many valid points in their "study". Card issuer servicing practices need to have a strong light shown upon them. Many of their practices are abusive, even predatory. My agency is preparing a matrix of card issuer servicing practices to push this dialogue along.

Regarding the BBB, it's our observation that they do not appear to be beholden to any special interests. We value their work.

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