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I guess some predatory lenders or at least the one have, have taken note and have resorted to even more deceptive practices.

My husband died June 9, 2005. We had credit life insurance on a loan for our kitchen cabinet re-surfacing?? job(2004). My claim was denied because they say we answered "no" to the health questions. We were never asked or directed to answer any health questions.
But they were able to produce a form with our signatures but not our markings to the health questions.

My husband nor I ever saw or signed the form that was produced in denying my claim.

The papers we signed only asked the question, did we want to take the insurance. Our signatures are every document of the transaction.I have all the documents of the transaction. The form with the health questions is and was not one of them.

I just trudge along, until God give me justice. I just don't have any fight in me.
My husband and had already fought with the Construction company about the shoddy job. But that another story.
The Constuction company and the creditor are the same outfit trying to give me the impression that they are separate entities only.
Not that I could pay off the debt any time soon. I called to ask the pay off amount. I was told the balance appox. $7000.00 plus $2.65 per day interest.(not even new cabinets just new cover of old cabinets and new sink and new counter top.)
In making my payment I have called the number on the notices. But when I call they can not find the account under my husband name or my name. Only the account #. One time I did not have the acct. number and lost my payment coupons. I was told that if I sent a check they would have to send it back unless I had the acct.#. My name,my husband name and address would not be enough even though this loan is a second mortgage.(you would think an address would help)
I am just to weak in my grief to fight.

Even though they called me and my deceased husband liars.

New Widow still in pain with added injury from Predatory lender.

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