• Jeff Michael: Repair Your Credit and Knock Out Your Debt

    Jeff Michael: Repair Your Credit and Knock Out Your Debt
    I highly recommend this book because I wrote it.

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    Edie Milligan: Tips from the Top: Targeted Advice from America's Top Money Minds
    I have about a dozen entries in this book.

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ever ask her about the Black key Club ? you may want to.....

truth be known.. i think that is the coolest thing about her

The Institute for Financial Literacy is just a sham.The conselors know NOTHING about the area they are trying to counsle in.

Leslie Moore-Linfield

Who would have thought that the burnt-out, busted-up mill town of Woonsocket would become the latest destination for swinging sex parties? It was revealed that something called "The Black Key Club," a private swingers group, was operating out of a house zoned for residential use only on Park Avenue. House mama Leslie Moore-Linfield, a member of the Killingly, Connecticut, school board until her recent resignation "for personal reasons," was apparently running the joint under the guise of a "bed and breakfast." Apparently there was a lot more bed than breakfast going on here.
Some Woonsocketites were alerted to the existence of the swingers club by the number of out-of-state cars in a nearby parking lot and the strange appearance of green and blue lights emanating from the house during the wee hours. It seems that the "dyna-mites" being served up at the Black Key were a different type of Sloppy Joe than what the locals are used to.

what a loser. Leslie Linfield has been fired from every job she has ever had because she is a pathetic liar and alienates everyone around her. Her organization is a sham. She tells people that she was a banker-not true. She tells everyone that she practiced law-not true. She tells everyone that she is a public speaker-not true. She tells people that she is a credit counselor-not true.

Leslie is an egomaniac and if you get too close to her, let her have the upper hand in any way in your friendship, she'll suck you right under. Stay far away from this one.

Leslie Moore Linfield is the biggest phony to ever come along. The comment from mac donald is right on. She has actually been fired from every job she ever had. She has failed the bar exam many times and even purported to be an international attorney when she was hired by Norwich University. They found out she lied and she was fired. As a manager she defines the term "bully boss" to perfection. This also cost her jobs.

I know more about Leslie Linfield than I care to. This woman is a user and abuser. She is evil incarnate. She preys on the weak and will take control of you. Everything she does is to make easy money, like the Black Key Club. It is not interesting that a mom of 3 ran a swingers club, pretended to be practicing law and was on the School Board. To this day I am haunted by her one time presence in my life. Good Riddence!

I had the pleasure of dealing with that idiotic bimbo several years ago. She was fired from her job as a clerk in the CT courts because she decided that her parking space was not close enough to the door for her liking. Accordingly, she decided to use the presiding judge's spot. When asked to move, she told the judge to f--- off. That was her last day.

She makes a good first impression but beyond that she is as shallow as a mirage and proves conclusively that while beauty may be only skin deep, ugly goes strait to the bone.

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