• Jeff Michael: Repair Your Credit and Knock Out Your Debt

    Jeff Michael: Repair Your Credit and Knock Out Your Debt
    I highly recommend this book because I wrote it.

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    Edie Milligan: Tips from the Top: Targeted Advice from America's Top Money Minds
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I have $25,000 in credit card debt at 5.99 percent interest...a big monthly payment...along with a big monthly mortgage. I have an A+ credit score and work 7 days a week to keep up with all this. I need to cut my expenses and stop working so much. Is there "real" consumer friendly credit counseling company that can help me out. The ones I have talked with would increase my monthly payments and are non-profit but owned by credit card companys.
Otherwise I will need to take a second mortgage.

I think any COA-accredited credit counselor is probably on the level, but if accepting creditor contributions makes a credit counselor 'owned by the credit card companies," then you're out of luck, because pretty much every credit counselor gets some funding from creditors. (The alternative is they'd have to charge the consumer a lot more, something prohibited by law in most of the country.)

Even the most legit credit counselor might not be able to help you, since you're not on the verge of bankruptcy. A second mortgage or refi might be a better solution, but you'd have to be especially careful not to incur any additional credit card debt until all of your existing debts are under control.

Before making a decision, get free counseling from an NFCC member agency near you (, and if the ones listed are the same ones you've already spoken to, then consider the 2nd mortgage.

The other two options are bankruptcy or a debt settlement, but based on what you've said, it doesn't sound like you'd be a good candidate for either.

I also love my Amazon card. It's been great for me!

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