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    Jeff Michael: Repair Your Credit and Knock Out Your Debt
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    Edie Milligan: Tips from the Top: Targeted Advice from America's Top Money Minds
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I have a question. I have discussed the following situation both with the phsyicans office and the debt collector they work with.
I was divorced in 2002 and the divorce decree/ child support order from the court states that I am to provide medical and life insurance for my children. My ex-wife is to pay any co-pays or incidentals not covered by insurance.
What she has done in the last year (btw we have both remarried) is 1) go to practioners and fill out forms stating I am 100% financially responsible for all debts.
2) Is using her previously married name (my last name)
3) Told the physicians office we were still married and that I lived at her residence.
4) Not paid any co-pays for office visits.
5) The physicans offices have sent bills to her residence in my name because she listed me as both responsible for the debt and living at that address.
6) Left unpaid, these charges are now in collections and on my credit report.
7) Both the provider and the collections agency I am legally responsible for any and all debt she incurs in this manner and my only recourse is to pay to have it removed and seek compensation from my ex-wife through small claims court. No one can cite a specfic law that says this - just that it is law and it sucks to be me.
How is this legal and what rights do I have to combat this?

I can't believe what she's doing is legal. Sounds like it's time to get a lawyer.

On some level, it's like identity theft. If someone is putting your name on debts without your prior knowledge or authorization, then they're stealing your identity, right? Maybe you could fill out an ID theft affidavit stating you aren't responsible for the debts. (And the standard affidavit has a place for you to name the person you suspect of stealing your identity.)

I think it sounds like going to court is ultimately the answer, but not just small claims court. Of course the collectors are giving you a suggested solution that is easiest for them, but if we're talking about a significant amount of money, I'd say you need an attorney of your own to help you sort it out.

I have received a collector's statement saying I owe for a past medical bill from the year 2006. I never received any bills from the hospital billing this visit. The collectors are billing for the "original" amount plus interest. Can they do this? What do I do? Are threatening to affect my credit.

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