• Jeff Michael: Repair Your Credit and Knock Out Your Debt

    Jeff Michael: Repair Your Credit and Knock Out Your Debt
    I highly recommend this book because I wrote it.

  • Edie Milligan: Tips from the Top: Targeted Advice from America's Top Money Minds

    Edie Milligan: Tips from the Top: Targeted Advice from America's Top Money Minds
    I have about a dozen entries in this book.

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FYI, it was your original entry about Prosper that alerted me to P2P lending. I told the guy who was General Manager of Provanta, and we watched.

He and I are now the co-founders of Zazingo. If we make a go of it, I can promise a bidding technology that will blow everyone's mind.

A Good article Here...

P2P lending is an interesting industry and certainly one to keep an eye on. Technology has opened (and will continue to open) some very cool doors...

Enjoying your blog Jeff.

Lending based purely on credit history and FICO score has worked for over 80 years.

I can't figure out who thought it would be a good idea to lend money to people undocumented. Other than sole proprietors and small business owners, as well as investors in clear and good standing with the bacnk, there is really no logical reason for anyone to have changed the rules. Except, greed! Frankly, I'm glad the mortgage banks are getting reemed, and I wish the FED would stay out of it. People need to save their down payments, build their credit, and get traditional loans.

I have started writting a series of articles on my blog called "Mastering FICO." The first article, How To Read A Credit Report is part 1, where we explain everything you need to know in order to manage your credit. I hope the information in this guide proves valuable for your readers.

Get your own mortgage credit report before the lender does.

There is a new service I recently signed up for. Instead of the free credit report that you see advertised on tv, which you can only get if you sign up for their monthly service, you actually pay a smaill one-time fee and get your own credit report. You get the exact same report the mortgage lender gets when they order your report. It's called an RMCR, residential mortgage credit report, or sometimes called a tri-merge because it pulls from all three credit agencies. I installed a link to it on my website in case you want to access it. I do not receive referral fees or commissions on this.

P2P will have its day in the Sun.Why? Because innovation demands it. The engine that drives the free enterprise system is innovation as well as outside-the-box thinking.

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